Who Is Stylewe And Why Choose It

StyleWe has a beautiful selection of modern fashion clothes, being a platform featuring independent fashion designers.

The main idea of the site is to bring together designers and fashion covering many different styles. This way every one of will find their own unique and exclusive designer fashions.

The clothes are placed in this categories: dresses, tops, outerwear, bottoms, jumpsuits, knitwear, sportwear, bags and accesories.
Make sure to enter the SALE and FLASH SALE section as more money in your pocket is always a good thing.

StyleWe site is quite intuitive and simple to use. My opinion is that if bought an item online, you allready know how to manage shopping on the site. Shop it now.

Important NOTE:
Check the size chart for reference first. Then please check the item’s product details to see the measurements or click the size icon to see the corresponding/specific measurements. The size guide is just a reference for all the items, which is not as accurate as the information from product details.
Most of the items are marked as XS/S/M/L/XL size. StyleWe has a conversion chart that specifies how to convert it into US/UK/EU size. However different designers size varies, please choose each size to see actual measurement of an item or check the product detail section for the actual measurement of each item.

StyleWe is from China, but they may have someone offices in New York managing things, social media etc. Plus, the photos are very professional and highly styled.

The delivery might not come the next day as the company is based in China and probably all the clothes are made there or in that part of Asia. So when I made my order they were using DHL. DHL service is used Europe and Asia. DHL most likely doesn’t have the same amount of hubs that FedEx does so that could account for more delays (at least in the U.S.). It looks like on my order DHL sent it to a USPS center and then delivered to my house. So you can see they possibility for delays. Which is fine. I don’t need a dress to arrive the next day.

Overall, I feel that this is a new e-commerce company that may have started in Asia and then decided to go global.

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Lumilife LED Indoor Acrylic Icicle String Light – Battery Operated – 2.85 Metre

Finely crafted icicles surround 20 LED lights giving of a shimmering, chilling light. Our lighting will make it look like Jack Frost has been for a visit and create a wintry Christmas environment in the warmth of your own home. The icicles are clear and give of a cool crisp white light, perfect for a winter scene. Add style and light instantly anywhere with our battery powered string lighting. They have many uses this Christmas such as wrapped round the tree, over furniture and ornaments or draped across the fireplace. Normal existing items in your home can be given a Christmas make-over in a flash. Batteries are included with this product.

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Lumilife LED Outdoor Icicle String Christmas Light – 5m

Chic lighting. Create a subtle and inviting scene with these LED icicle string lights. 153 LEDs hang off a 5m transparent wire and combine to create a cool and classic look that works all year round. Use outdoors. Flexible and waterproof you can use these lights indoors around the home or add a bit of dazzle outside. Additional information. 5m cable from plug to first light. 5m of lights. 153 LEDs. Colour of wire: transparent

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Lumilife LED Outdoor Fairy Lights – Silver Thread – 10m – Warm White

Fairy lights with a difference. These fairy lights are fully LED, meaning you get a better quality of light to standard fairy lights. The thin wire on which the bulbs hang is unobtrusive and lends itself well to adding subtle, chic lighting that creates a welcoming atmosphere on cold winter nights. Flexible use. The pliable wire allows for the lights to be used in a variety of ways, whether you want to use them on a headboard, hung on a tree or outdoors in the garden – it’s up to you as they’re completely weatherproof with a style that works all year round. Additional information. 5m cable from plug to first light. 10m of lights. 100 LEDs

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Lumilife LED Outdoor Christmas Net Lights – 2.4m x 1.6m

Versatile and creative lighting. Featuring 320 LEDs spread across 3 metres, this crisp white net light is far-reaching, flexible and can be used in a number of ways. The net can become a chic centrepiece in an instant thanks to its size. Cover walls or curtains, drape them over bushes and trees, or create an attractive and unique lighting scheme in the bedroom. And because of their ice white colour, they can be used in many different ways. Safe for outdoor use. Featuring an IP44 rating, you can use these lights outdoors to give the garden or yard a makeover. Additional Information. 5m cable from plug to first light. 320 LEDs

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Lumilife 36W LED Transformer/Driver for 12V LED Lights & Strip Lights

This LED Transformer / Driver is used to power low voltage (12v) LED bulbs and strip lights.  LED bulbs require a constant current to work properly. Sometimes a normal 12v transformer will work correctly with LED bulbs, but in some cases the lifespan of the bulb will be reduced. This LED Driver is the perfect product to replace the 12v transformer which are powering your existing low voltage bulbs and strip. This LED driver will power LED bulbs up to 36 watts for example if you buy 9 x 4 watt bulbs then this will power all 9 if you buy 18 bulbs you will need 2 drivers and so on. . All orders at LED HUT have a 30-day hassle-free returns and 5-year warranty our bulbs are made from the best quality components so we can give the longest warranty on the market. LED Hut stocks an extensive LED Transformer range. Why not take a look?

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Lumilife LED Strip – Splashproof IP44 – 60 Small High Power LED Chips Per Metre (2.5 Metre Roll) – Cool White

Please remember. Strip lighting may require extra adhesive. You will need to solder additional wires to the end of this LED strip. Our high quality superbright 3528 IP65 Gel Waterproof 60 leds per metre SMD LED strip light is great for use in your home, office, shops.  This LED strip light offers the highest intensity, brightness, even distribution of light, reliability. It displays 60 led lights per metre, which gives you 150 leds per 2.5 metre roll. Amazing bright and low energy LED strip lights. These LED Strips  produce continuous light and illuminate instantly, Ultra slim (4mm) and flexible they come in a range of sizes and colours to suit all applications. including under cupboard, plinths, recesses, shelves, wardrobe, cornice, shadow gaps, door frames, banisters, hand rails, steps and patios. The list is endless. The intensity of the light is dependent upon the number and type (size) of the LEDs. The number of LEDs vary from 60 LEDs per metre to 120 LEDs per metre and there are two sizes, SMD 3528 and SMD 5050. The SMD3528 are 3.5mm x 2.8mm and are 0.08watts where as the SMD5050 are 5mm x 5mm and consume 0.24 watts. Dimensions are 2.5 metres long, 1 cm in width and 3mm in depth. To get your strip light working, simply connect you transformer / driver to the strip light ( extending the cable with 2 core flex if necessary). Then simply connect your transformer / driver to the mains via plug or direct to the mains and your away. The Led roll has cut points every 3 led’s so that you can cut it to desired length. Transformers. You need a transformer to run your led strip lighting, one transformer can run multiple strips. We sell 5 LED transformers ranging from 6 watt to 150 watt.  . If you are running multi-colour strip you need to add an RGB controller and remote which can also be found in the Transformer category.  . You can find our range of led transformer in the led strip light category or in our driver / transformer categor

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Lumilife Christmas Indoor Rice Lights – 10m – Multi Function with Controller

Nothing symbolises Christmas more than a tree and nothing finishes a tree off better than Tree Lights. This indoor set is not only attractive it is also versatile with 8 settings allowing you to control the light dependent on your mood, décor or the occasion. This set is warm white to fit with any modern or contemporary style of room. At 10 meters long these lights will easy be enough to finish off any tree and comes with an easy to use controller that has 8 different light effect settings. This includes Combination, Waves, Sequential, Slow Glow, Chasing Flash, Slow Fade, Twinkle Flash and Steady On. See our video for a demonstration of them all. Please note: Packaging may state that the lights are ‘White’ in colour. However, the packaging is currently incorrectly labelled as these lights are – as shown in the product image – ‘Warm White’. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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Lumilife LED Indoor Branch Light – Battery Powered – Brown – 76cm

Bring the colour of autumn into your home with the addition of light. These will complement and enhance any contemporary or traditional room. Twenty LED lights are delicately placed on the end of branches accompanied by a bunch of faux berries. Each branch is metal allowing to position each exactly as you wish. These arrangements can be added to existing ornaments or plants but also stand up as a stylish piece in their own right. This could be in a vase, lays across a fireplace or hanging down.  However you chose to display your twig light arrangement they will add a warm serene glow to your home. Not to be forgotten is the fact that they look attractive during the day when they are not on, making them the perfect addition to any room. This product is battery powered which are included.

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