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Transport yourself into a different time and place with Sara Wong and her gorgeous Maxrieny collection

MaxrienyYou don’t need to open a fairy tale book or switch on a childhood movie to transport yourself to a world of fantasy and fun, oh no. On the contrary, all you need to do to immerse yourself in the fantasy world is check out the brand new collection from Maxrieny was founded back in 2007 by the very talented and visionary Sara Wong. Sara graduated from Fashion and Textiles School of RMIT University, but has also acquired a Masters degree in finance from the University of Melbourne, which just goes to show how versatile she is. We know that deep down, Sara Wong hopes that her pieces will make women feel they have the power to do anything they want to, just like she did, and to stand tall and proud with confidence.
The collection is filled with pieces that take you into the fantasy world, without forgetting the importance of retro and artistic elements at the same time. That’s the best way to Maxrienydescribe her hugely successful fashion line, and we think the latest offerings that can be found online right now are some of her best and most covetable pieces to date.

The Maxrieny brand mixes the old with the new, giving a modern spin on retro pieces and vice versa. Don’t believe us? You’ll have to check out the collection to see what we mean, then everything will make sense.
Best of all, Maxrieny makes transporting yourself into a different world or time very easy, and we adore its nod to Medieval Europe in the latest collection. Who needs an expensive plane ticket when you can wear a little piece of history on you every day? Take that, seventh grade history teacher!

Forget everything you thought you knew about the implications of plaid, as Sara Wong has redefined it and given it a new breath of life. Take her plaid mini skirt for a wonderful Maxrienyexample. Most people would think Catholic school girl or patriotic Scotsman when they think of the plaid skirt (we would also think Cher Horowitz, but that’s mainly because we are obsessed with the film Clueless and can’t wait for the day its fashion pieces make a fierce and well-needed comeback). However, the plaid cocktail skirt, with its asymmetric hem line and frivolously stylish fringe detailing at the bottom has us all in a tizzy for all the right reasons. We like thinking outside the box and colouring outside the lines, because the results are out of this world!

Another one of our favourite, stand-out pieces from the collection is the multicolour slit half sleeve hi-line cropped top. The romantic feeling it gives off on first glance is all we need to convince us to dig out the credit card and take it home with us. A great mix of romance, fantasy and modern retro (which totally is a thing!) all rolled into one. Plus, the colours used in this are bold, beautiful and will have us completely and utterly prepared to take on the summer season with a vengeance. Goodbye winter wardrobe, we are officially done with you!


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