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Robust seawater-resistant LED recessed light Arran

Solid LED recessed light Arran made from brass Due to its low installation height, the LED-operated recessed light Arran is perfect for the illumination of steps around the house. It has a square-shaped brass body with light slits which allow the light to be emitted downwards and to the front. The satin-finished glass pane also ensures a particularly homogeneous distribution of the light. Over time, the weather will cause a beautiful patina to form on the natural brass surface due to the weather, giving the light a special charm. The light is also seawater-resistant, which means that it can be exposed to the salty air which is generally predominant in coastal regions without any reservations. Important note: In order to prevent the formation of a patina, which is part of the ageing process of the light, the surface can be preserved in its original condition by regularly polishing it and washing it down with fresh water. Energy efficiency class: A+

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Arran LED recessed wall light, seawater resistant

Chic LED recessed wall light Arran with a solid brass body The round LED recessed wall light Arran is equipped with the IP code IP65 and therefore designed for use outdoors. The round body of Arran is made from solid brass, whereas the diffuser pane which gently diffuses the warm white LED light is made from glass. Due to the natural surface of the brass, a beautiful patina forms over time, giving the light a special appearance. Because the light is seawater-resistant, it can even be used in coastal regions, where the air is generally very salty. Please note: If the formation of a patina on the light is not desired, the surface should be polished at regular intervals with a cloth and washed with fresh water. Energy efficiency class: A+

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