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Recessed floor light Gramos – seawater-resistant

Square recessed floor light Gramos Whether it is installed individually or as a group of several lights, this recessed floor light conjures up a particularly atmospheric ambience in the outdoor area, either on the terrace, the balcony or on paths around the house. The recessed floor light is lit up by a G10 light bulb, which may be either a conventional halogen bulb or an energy-efficient LED bulb (see Accessories). The natural brass body of the light means that a patina will form after a while, giving the light a special appearance. As it is seawater-resistant, it can also be used near the sea or in coastal regions. IP65 Please note: If the patina which forms after some time is not desired, any deposits should occasionally be cleared away from the light – by simply polishing it and spraying it with fresh water. Energy efficiency class: A++

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Seawater-resistant recessed floor light Gramos

Perfect for use in coastal regions – recessed floor light Gramos This recessed floor light not only provides wonderful accent lighting for paths around the house, but also creates atmospheric lighting on terraces. The recessed floor light Gramos is operated with a GU10 bulb up to max. 35 watts (not included) and is made from solid brass. After a while, it forms a beautiful patina, giving a special touch to the design of the light. The light can also be used in coastal regions without any reservations because it is seawater-resistant. Please note: If desired, the formation of a patina can be avoided by occasionally polishing the light and washing away the salt deposits. Energy efficiency class: A++

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